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Mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and the supporting scientific evidence

Change from within

Greater complexity outside requires greater clarity inside. Effective leadership isn’t about just checking off more tasks. It’s defined by how well we use our minds and interact with others. We need flexibility and clear purpose in the face of complexity. We need balance, insight, and the ability to inspire others.

Born at Google and based on brain science, Search Inside Yourself (SIY) uses the practices of mindfulness to train Emotional Intelligence skills, leading to resilience, positive mindset, and centered leadership. In the midst of complexity, it’s about finding the inner capacity to create, to thrive, to lead. And it’s surprisingly fun. Backed by some of the world’s leading experts in neuroscience and mindfulness, SIY is changing thousands of lives in over a dozen countries.

PROGRAM March 30th & 31st

Chade-Meng Tan et Matthieu Ricard conférence Search Inside Yourself

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SIY is a highly interactive workshop that integrates the theory and practices of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and the supporting scientific evidence. SIY provides the tools and skills to improve workplace effectiveness, leadership, and happiness.

Search Inside Yourself works in three steps

1 - Attention Training

Attention is the basis of all higher cognitive and emotional abilities. Train attention to create a quality of mind that is both calm and alert. This quality of mind forms the foundation for emotional intelligence.

2 - Self-Knowledge and Self-Mastery

Use trained attention to understand cognitive and emotional processes. This knowledge provides the individual with the ability to regulate and master emotions.

3 - Create Useful Habits and Leadership Skills

Develop the habits of leading with compassion and communicating with insight. These habits can be trained and create trust that leads to highly productive collaborations.


The workshop is highly interactive and trains people to optimize performance, train leadership skills and increase well-being. Each session is approximately one-third content and two-thirds skill training. Skill training includes individual, dyadic and group exercise consisting of attention training, active listening with verbal feedback, writing exercise and emotion regulation.



Take a deep-dive into mindfulness-based practices for developing emotional intelligence. Learn practices that allow you to voluntarily bring your mind into a state that is calm, clear and focused on demand. These practices include sitting and walking meditation, journaling, interactive exercises and mindful conversation.



Develop a high-resolution perception into the process of emotional response by learning to listen to the body for emotions, and access them through meditation practice. You’ll also understand the role of unpleasant emotions in emotional intelligence. OUTCOMES

  • Become aware of your emotions and comfortable with your emotional range
  • Become able to accurately assess yourself
  • Develop self-confidence.


Self-regulation builds upon self-awareness. With awareness you can identify and work with emotional “triggers” and other emotionally difficult situations. In this session, you experiment with a number of practices for working in emotionally difficult situations. OUTCOMES

  • Create the capacity for emotional self-mastery
  • Develop inner strength for difficult situations that test your honesty and integrity
  • Decrease your discomfort with disruptive change



The keys in using your emotional tendencies to help you reach your goals are finding alignment between what you do and what you value, knowing what you want in your ideal futures, and developing emotional resilience.

  • Alignment: discovering your deepest values
  • Envisioning: discovering your ideal futures
  • Resilience: developing the optimism and emotional resilience to reach your goals


  • Discover your intrinsic motivators
  • Strengthen achievement drive and commitment towards your goals
  • Develop healthy optimism


In this session, you will develop useful mental habits and listening skills that help you increase empathy.

  • Understand the neuroscience of empathy
  • Develop the mental habits of kindness, goodwill and objectivity
  • Learn to listen to others for feelings


  • Strengthen your ability to understand others’ feelings and perspective
  • Increase your capacity to Foster highly productive relationships based on trust and kindness.


In this session, you will learn social skills that help you be beloved even as you become a highly effective team member or leader.

  • Leading with compassion
  • Influencing with goodness
  • Communicating with insight


  • Become skillful at communicating and influencing
  • Inspire trust
  • Grow into a highly effective leader

Paris, January 25th & 26th, 2018


The Search Inside Yourself (SIY) Program utilizes science-based approaches that enhance the influence, communication effectiveness and organizational impact of senior leaders and managers. Designed and tested at Google, this program helps senior leaders and managers integrate useful mental habits that power the key dimensions of emotional intelligence and team organizational leadership—driving better decision making, inspiring trust and followership. The result is enhanced self-awareness and authenticity, better communication skills, stronger Relationship building skills and the ability to lead with greater executive presence and impact. SIY teaches senior leaders and managers how to get breakthrough results in a way that is inspiring, engaging and compassionate.

In particular, Executives and managers who complete the SIY Leadership Program will learn foundational skills enabling them to:

  • Manage complexity more effectively
  • Grow stronger relationship-building skills with teams
  • Develop more inner strength and resilience for difficult situations
  • Inspire trust and followership
  • Enhance self and organizational awareness that promote better execution and stronger team management
  • Improve communication skills with individual team members, across the team and the larger organization,resulting in more impactful team leadership
  • Support stronger coaching skills
  • Enhance their ability to quickly and easily adapt to change
  • Greater resilience and sustainable well-being for leaders and their teams


Search Inside Yourself Leadership institute has worked with organizations across many different industries, including technology, energy, banking, biotech, medical, insurance, automotive, plastics, gaming, telecommunications, and many more.

TEACHERS January 25th & 26th


Anne-Sophie Pastel Dubanton

Anne Sophie Dubanton

Anne-Sophie is an entrepreneur and former CEO of, the European leading online women magazine. She has developed a passion for mindfulness-based approaches in her management style and trainings.

She teaches both individuals and organizations and is committed to supporting the development of mindfulness as a personal and professional skill. As a SIY teacher she hopes to make mindfulness, EI and neuroscience more mainstream so many people can enjoy its benefits.

Holly Niemela is a Paris-based Wellness Expert and SIY Certified Teacher.

With 28 years of experience in awareness-based practices, Holly has become an ”ambassador of wellness” guiding individuals, groups and companies towards optimal being.

Anchored in neuroscience and evidenced-based research, common sense and a dose of intuition, Holly’s conferences, programs and international retreats highlight how ancient practices can be adapted for our fast-paced, digital world to develop our inner connection to outwardly create, collaborate, and be compassionate human beings.  


Holly Niemela


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Paris, January 25th & 26th, 2017


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